101-06-19Rescuing the Church 3 (Saving Some)MP3VID
201-13-19Fasting 101MP3VID
301-16-19Waiting on GodMP3VID
401-20-19Girding up the Loins of Your MindMP3VID
501-23-19Waiting on God Pt 2 (This is not a Business)MP3VID
6a01-27-19The True Army Pt 1MP3VID
6b01-27-19The True Army Pt 2MP3
8a02-03-19Warriors of Intimacy Pt 1MP3VID
8b02-03-19Warriors of Intimacy Pt 2MP3
902-06-19Warriors of Intimacy Lesson 2MP3VID
1002-10-19 Beyond Born Again Lesson 1 (Introduction)MP3VID
1102-24-19 Beyond Born Again Lesson 2 (From Teachers to Babies)MP3VID
1202-27-19Scourging PostMP3VID
1303-03-19Beyond Born Again Lesson 3 (The Power of Born Again)MP3VID
14a03-06-19Good Like a MedicineMP3VID
14b03-06-19The War Hardened Soldier     PDFMP3
1503-10-19Beyond Born Again Lesson 4 (Fully Persuaded)MP3VID
16a03-17-19The War Hardened Soldier Lesson 2 (The How To's) Pt 1MP3VID
16b03-10-19The War Hardened Soldier Lesson 2 (The How To's) Pt 2MP3
1703-17-19Beyond Born Again Lesson 5 (Eternal Judgment)MP3VID
1803-20-19The War Hardened Soldier Lesson 3 (Hope - The Resolve of Soldiers)MP3VID
1903-24-19Wait for ItMP3VID
2003-27-19The War Hardened Soldier Lesson 4 (Hope - The Resolve of Soldiers) Part 2MP3VID
2103-31-19Beyond Born Again Lesson 6 (Eternal Judgment The Book and the Books)MP3VID
2204-03-19Balancing The PillarsMP3VID
2304-07-19Beyond Born Again Lesson 7 (Eternal Judgment The Book and the Books) Part 2MP3VID
2404-10-19Not Only For Disciples Part 1MP3VID
2504-14-19Beyond Born Again Lesson 8 (Baptisms)MP3VID
2604-21-19The Power of The Gospel MessageMP3VID
2704-24-19Awake To RighteousnessMP3VID
2805-05-19You Add ToMP3VID
2905-08-19Baa’s and Growls Part 1MP3VID
30a05-12-19The Grandmothers of Jesus Part 1MP3VID
30b05-12-19The Grandmothers of Jesus Part 2MP3
3105-15-19Baa’s and Growls Part 2MP3VID
32a05-19-19My Doctrine Part 1MP3VID
32b05-19-19My Doctrine Part 2MP3
3305-22-19A Stephen and Jeremiah GenerationMP3VID
3405-26-19Beyond Born Again Lesson 9 (Water Baptism)MP3VID
3505-29-19Baa’s and Growls Part 3 (The Fable of Grace – The Greatest Indicator)MP3VID
3606-02-19Beyond Born Again Lesson 10 (The Baptism of Power and Laying on of Hands)MP3VID
3706-09-19Rejoicing in One Another’s TestimonyMP3VID
3806-12-19Baa’s and Growls Part 4 (Balaam’s Sanctified Ass)MP3VID
39a06-16-19Fix it Daddy Part 1MP3VID
39b06-16-19Fix it Daddy Part 2MP3
4006-19-19Gods AvengersMP3VID
4106-23-19Prayer 101 (Introduction)MP3VID
42a06-30-19Prayer 101 (Why We Pray in Tongues The Power and Mortification) Part 1MP3VID
42b06-30-19Prayer 101 (Why We Pray in Tongues The Power and Mortification) Part 2MP3
43a07-07-19Prayer 101 Lesson 3 (Divine Destiny) Part 1MP3VID
43b07-07-19Prayer 101 Lesson 3 (Divine Destiny) Part 2MP3
4407-10-19Partaking of the New Nature through Old Testament PromisesMP3VID
4507-14-19Revival FoundationMP3VID
4607-17-19Don’t Forget About Your AdversaryMP3VID
4707-21-19Prayer 101 Lesson 4 (Desperate for Prayer and Communion)MP3VID
4807-24-19A Higher Form of DeathMP3VID
4907-28-19Beyond KnowledgeMP3VID
50a08-04-19Awake to Righteousness Part 1MP3VID
50b08-04-19Awake to Righteousness Part 2MP3
5108-07-19Keeping An Eternal PerspectiveMP3VID
5208-11-19Convictions Universal and IndividualMP3VID
5308-14-19God‘s Rules for Praying in TonguesMP3VID
5408-18-19Growing Fruit and Dying Fruit (Introduction)MP3VID
5508-25-19Growing Fruit and Dying Fruit (Not Apples for Apples)MP3VID
5608-28-19The Weak Church That Became Strong and Lost EverythingMP3VID
5709-01-19Growing and Dying Fruit 3 (Dying Dead and Plucked Up)MP3VID
5809-04-19Prosperity Through IntimacyMP3VID
5909-08-19Growing and Dying Fruit 4 (Fruit By Choice)MP3VID
6009-11-19Intercession for the Children of ReligionMP3VID
6109-15-19Clothed in HumilityMP3VID
6209-18-19Revisiting the Churches of the Book of Revelation - 1 (The First Works)MP3VID
6309-22-19Giving Place unto WrathMP3VID
6409-25-19Revisiting the Churches of the Book of Revelation - 2 (Smyrna The Persecuted Church)MP3VID
6509-29-19The Shakings of GodMP3VID
6610-02-19Revisiting the Churches of the Book of Revelation - 3 (Pergamos The Passive Church)MP3VID
6710-13-19I Want youMP3VID
6810-16-19Revisiting the Churches of the Book of Revelation - 4 ( Thyatira and the Jezebel)MP3VID
6910-20-19A House of PrayerMP3VID
7010-23-19Revisiting the Churches of the Book of Revelation - 5 (Sardis - The Get Along Church)MP3VID
7110-27-19Prophecy and Worship in the ChurchMP3VID
7210-30-19Bring Me GoldMP3VID
7311-03-19The Fire of PurgingMP3VID
7411-06-19Revisiting the Churches of the Book of Revelation - 6 (Philadelphia - Brotherly Love and a Little Strength)MP3VID
7511-13-19Revisiting the Churches of the Book of Revelation - 7 (Laodicea)MP3VID
7611-17-19Purging and CommunionMP3VID
7711-20-19Revisiting the Churches of the Book of Revelation - 8 (Their Loss Our Gain)MP3VID
7811-24-19Running With An AttitudeMP3VID
7912-01-19Training Joel's ArmyMP3VID
8012-04-19Revisiting the Churches of the Book of Revelation - 9 (The Ephesian Revival)MP3VID
8112-08-19Training Joel’s Army 2 (Body Armor)MP3VID
8212-11-19Revisiting the Churches of the Book of Revelation - 10 (The Ephesian Revival) Part 2MP3VID
8312-15-19Training Joel’s Army 3 (Pulling Down Strongholds)MP3VID
8412-18-19Revisiting the Churches of the Book of Revelation - 11 (The Ephesian Revival) Part 3MP3VID
8512-22-19The Christmas StoryMP3VID
8612-29-19Blueprints in the Master Plan - 1MP3VID
8712-31-19Blueprints in the Master Plan -2MP3VID