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His Life / Our Bodies
Lust for Other ThingsMP3
Crucified DailyMP3
Jesus's BodyMP3
Will WorshipMP3
Preserved BlamelessMP3

The Root of All Evil
The Root of All EvilMP3
Prosperity Through DiversificationMP3
Supplied By Chriist JesusMP3
Getting Past Survival ModeMP3
Training for ProsperityMP3

Scarcely Be Saved
Scarcely Be Saved DefinedMP3
An Appointed TimeMP3
Suffering in the FleshMP3
What is True PersecutionMP3
Persecution of the ChurchMP3
Being AccountableMP3
Where is the ChurchMP3
Become a Fault FinderMP3
Shaking the Dust off Your FeetMP3
Humility in the Body of ChristMP3

Possessing the Promised Land
Joshua WarfareMP3
Circumcision of the HeartMP3

Faith Series 101
Faith Defined IMP3
Faith Defined IIMP3
The Leaven of FaithMP3
Being AccountableMP3
Where is the EvidenceMP3
Knowing Something but not doing itMP3
Contradiction to Our FaithMP3
It is FinishedMP3
Most Holy Faith -The Missing Element IMP3
Most Holy Faith -The Missing Element IIMP3
What Image are you FollowingMP3
Intimacy Builds FaithMP3
The Works of FaithMP3
Dead WorksMP3
The End of Your FaithMP3

STB1 - Stones Into Bread
Stones into BreadMP3
Stones into Bread IIMP3
Stones into Bread IIIMP3

AMT1 - As a Man Thinks
The Believability FactorMP3
Man's Heart, Two PartsMP3
Hidden Man of the HeartMP3
The Transformed MindMP3