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01-03-21As You Worship Me
01-17-21The Year of FaithfulnessMP3PDF

02-03-21The Formidable Force of PeaceMP3PDF
02-14a-21Fight Anxiety in the SpiritMP3PDF
02-14b-21Physical Health Requires Spiritual BattleMP3PDF
02-14c-21I Will Make a Way in Your Emotional BattleMP3PDF
02-14d-21Ask of God; Tendering the HeartsMP3PDF
02-14e-21They Made ItMP3PDF

03-03-21Continue to Lean In to IntimacyMP3PDF
03-14-21I Am in the Business of RestorationMP3PDF
03-14-21Let My Presence Saturate YouMP3PDF
03-21-21The Mindset of Revival NowMP3PDF
03-21-21Prophetic Instructions for RevivalistsMP3PDF

04-11-21Do Not Miss WorshipMP3PDF
04-21-21Stay in Peace, Stay in WorshipMP3PDF

05-02-21Prophetic Ministry & MiraclesMP3PDF
05-23-21A Song of Healing (Prophecy given in song)MP3PDF
05-30-21Choose MeMP3PDF

06-02-21Hunger Supersedes EverythingMP3PDF
06-06-21This Is a Mary-RevivalMP3PDF
06-06-21Don't Be Afraid to Press PastMP3PDF
06-06-21For the Confused MindMP3PDF
06-13-21My Presence is Holy GroundMP3PDF
06-13-21Surrender to That Higher PlaceMP3PDF
06-27-21Seek This Place With All DiligenceMP3PDF

07-04-21I Just Want YouMP3PDF
07-04-21Give the Last of Yourself to MeMP3PDF
07-11-21The Birth of the Fullness Is At HandMP3PDF
07-11-21Carry the AtmosphereMP3PDF
07-11-21Speak to Hopeless SituationsMP3PDF
07-25-21Expect ChangeMP3PDF

08-01-21Do Not Fight the Enemy on His PlaneMP3PDF
08-08-21Give Them What You Have First ReceivedMP3PDF
08-22-21Drink of Me So They May Drink of YouMP3PDF
08-29-21Receive itMP3PDF

09-01-21You Are My HopeMP3PDF
09-12-21A Table PreparedMP3PDF
09-19-21Prophetic Prayer; Go to the BloodMP3PDF

10-04-21The Time is Short and the Season Is NowMP3PDF
10-17-21A Bright FutureMP3PDF
10-24-21Allow the EncouragementMP3PDF
10-31-21Seek My FaceMP3PDF

11-07-21 I Deal With You As a Loving FatherMP3PDF
11-14-21I Am Very Jealous Over YouMP3PDF