01-03-10Your Destiny Is in Your Own HandsMP3PDF
01-03-10I Have a Plan for YouMP3PDF
01-06-10Keep Moving ForwardMP3PDF
01-06-10Life More AbundantlyMP3PDF
01-10-10Seek My LoveMP3PDF
01-13-10Employing AuthorityMP3PDF
01-17-10Taking New GroundMP3PDF
01-17-10The Enemy Is No Match to Who You Are in MeMP3PDF
01-17-10This Is a Supernatural AgeMP3PDF
01-20-10Seize the MomentMP3PDF
01-24-10Lend Me Your EarMP3PDF
01-24-10The Way of ChoicePDF
01-24-10Worship is a ChoiceMP3PDF
01-24-10Tongues of Men and Of AngelsMP3PDF

02-03-10Wait and See, Time Will ProveMP3PDF
02-07-10Think It Not StrangeMP3PDF
02-07-10No Longer Business as UsualMP3PDF
02-07-10You Have Come Up HigherMP3PDF
02-14-10You Have Been EmpoweredMP3PDF
02-28-10Securing LoveMP3PDF
02-28-10The Realm of LoveMP3PDF

03-07-10I Need Your Consent to Bring You HigherMP3PDF
03-07-10I Am Coming to Teach YouMP3PDF
03-14-10Mountains of GraceMP3PDF
03-17-10Cry OutMP3PDF
03-28-10Relentlessly Follow After MeMP3PDF

04-04-10Swept AwayMP3PDF
04-07-10I Am Your PeaceMP3PDF
04-07-10Foundation of PeaceMP3PDF
04-14-10Nothing Able to Separate You from LoveMP3PDF
04-14-10My Job Is to Bring You into PeaceMP3PDF
04-18-10Nurture My PresenceMP3PDF
04-21-10Pay Attention to The UrgencyMP3PDF
04-21-10Run Your RaceMP3PDF
04-25-10Learn to SurrenderMP3PDF
04-25-10Utilize the Message You Have Been TaughtMP3PDF
04-25-10Stand as Kings and PriestMP3PDF
04-28-10I - Love - youMP3PDF
04-28-10A Place of IndividualityMP3PDF
04-28-10Lay Hold on These ThingsMP3PDF

05-02-10The Change of Men’s HeartsMP3PDF
05-12-10Practicing PresenceMP3PDF
05-16-10Prepare for Me A HabitationMP3PDF
05-16-10You Are Set FreeMP3PDF
05-16-1024/7 PeaceMP3PDF
05-19-10A New habitationMP3PDF
05-19-10Greater Is He That Is in YouMP3PDF
05-23-10You Cannot Change YourselfMP3PDF
05-23-10Mysteries are Fully SeenMP3PDF
05-23-10A Great Qualifying is ComingMP3PDF
05-23-10Joyful WarPDF

06-16-10Hunger Enables Me to ComeMP3PDF
06-16-10I Will Exceed Your ExpectationsMP3PDF
06-20-10It’s Always up to YouMP3PDF
06-27-10Your Purpose is Sons and DaughtersMP3PDF
06-27-10The Purging Will Not Be PainfulMP3PDF

07-04-10Higher Places in Me for Those Who ChooseMP3PDF
07-14-10Ten Thousand Times StrongerMP3PDF
07-25-10Fear is the First to GoMP3PDF
07-25-10Put Me on the SpotMP3PDF
07-28-10Hold Each Other UpMP3PDF

08-01-10Grace to Go HigherMP3PDF
08-08-10Everything that has BreathMP3PDF
08-08-10The Adorning of the BrideMP3PDF
08-08-10Healing and Miracles Simply BelieveMP3PDF
08-15-10As I Love You, So Do I Love ThemMP3PDF
08-15-10Ask Me for the NationsMP3PDF
08-18-10Supernatural PeaceMP3PDF
08-22-10This World is Not Yours it’s MineMP3PDF
08-22-10Come unto MeMP3PDF
08-22-10Now FaithMP3PDF
08-22-10All that I Am and All that I HaveMP3PDF
08-22-10Ask for the NationsMP3PDF
08-22-10There is a Birthing ProcessMP3PDF
08-29-10You Are that GenerationMP3PDF

09-05-10My Love is as One of a FatherMP3PDF
09-05-10You are UnleashedMP3PDF
09-05-10Be Strong and of a Good CourageMP3PDF
09-08-10Yield to My FullnessMP3PDF
09-12-10My Father Sees You as He See MeMP3PDF
09-12-10Conformation of Truth is PeaceMP3PDF
09-12-10I Desire for Families to Be HealedMP3PDF
09-12-10Remember Your First LoveMP3PDF
09-12-10Seek Me for the UnlovableMP3PDF
09-15-10Fiery Trials are Sent to DistractMP3PDF
09-15-10Worship Removes the ShroudMP3PDF
09-19-10Exaltation is Always a Matter of ChoiceMP3PDF
09-19-10It’s Already Been PaidMP3PDF
09-19-10They Will Know You by Your LoveMP3PDF
09-22-10Move Forward with Patience and EndurancePDF

10-10-10Make No Negotiations with FearMP3PDF
10-17-10Fight for Your Loved OnesMP3PDF
10-20-10Stay on the Path to AwakeningMP3PDF
10-24-10That You May be OneMP3PDF
10-24-10My Joy is Your StrengthMP3PDF
10-31-10Torment Replaced by PeaceMP3PDF

11-07-10You Live Inside of ProphecyMP3PDF
11-07-10Understand Your Place as IntercessorsMP3PDF
11-10-10Answers, Answers and More AnswersMP3PDF
11-28-10All Strength, All Power and Honor Is YoursMP3PDF

12-08-10A Place of ExpectationMP3PDF
12-12-10How Much MoreMP3PDF
12-15-10Rest in MeMP3PDF
12-29-10Take Every OpportunityMP3PDF