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October 2019 Tulsa Conference
10-06-19Mountains of Grace, Hope and PeaceMP3VID
10-08-19Embracing the Dying ProcessMP3VID
10-10-19Overcoming and Surviving in the Last DaysMP3VID

2019 Grace Christian Center Conference
04-28-19The Sanctified ChurchMP3
04-30-19The True Luke 6-38MP3
05-01-19The Conquering ChurchMP3
05-02-19Baskets and StewardshipMP3
05-03-19End Game - End of the WorldMP3

2014 Kenya Prayer and Power Conference
2014-8-10 - Sunday Morning
Do You Understand Discipleship? - Jim MartinMP3
2014-8-10 - Sunday Evening
This is the Acceptable Year - BroncMP3
2014-8-11 - Monday Morning
The Spirit of Truth - Jim MartinMP3
2014-8-11 - Monday Afternoon
Do Not Poison the Pot - Bronc MP3
2014-8-11 - Monday Evening
Purveyors of Poison - Jim MartinMP3
2014-8-12 - Tuesday Morning
How the Apostle Paul was Taught - Jim MartinMP3
2014-8-12 - Tuesday Afternoon
False Teachers Among You - Bronc MP3
2014-8-12 - Tuesday Evening
A Reason for the Hope - Jim MartinMP3
2014-8-13 - Wednesday Morning
Returning to the Vomit - Jim MartinMP3
2014-8-13 - Wednesday Afternoon
Love Works Restoration - Bronc MP3
2014-8-13 - Wednesday Evening
Discovering the More Excellent Way - Jim MartinMP3
2014-8-14 - Thursday Morning
True Spiritual Edification - Jim MartinMP3
2014-8-14 - Thursday Afternoon
Are You An Unforgiving Servant? - Bronc MP3
2014-8-14 - Thursday Evening
Two People Must Be Marked - Jim MartinMP3
2014-8-15 - Friday Morning
Endurance is Your Key - Jim MartinMP3
2014-8-15 - Friday Afternoon
Christ, the Church, Husband and Wives - Bronc MP3
Spiritual Graduation (Offering) - Bronc MP3
Benefits of Praying in the Spirit - Jim MartinMP3
2014-8-15 - Friday Evening
Totally Dead to Self - Bronc MP3
2014-8-16 - Saturday Morning
Breaking a Corinthian Tradition - Jim MartinMP3
2014-8-16 - Saturday Afternoon
What is Genuine, Scriptural Unity? - Jim MartinMP3
2014-8-16 - Saturday Evening
The Power of Intercession - Bronc MP3
2014-8-17 - Sunday Morning
Align Your Mind - Jim MartinMP3
2014-8-17 - Sunday Afternoon
Commended Unto the Word - Bronc MP3

February 22nd and 23rd, 2008 - Ocala meetings
02/22/08pmBorn-Again to Serve HimMP3
02/23/08amWe Can Change ThingsMP3

May 4th and 5th, 2007- Ocala meetings
05/04/07pmIt's Through the SpiritMP3
05/05/07amOvercoming TribulationsMP3CD-Size

July 29th thru 31st, 2007 - New York
Going into Perfection Pt 1MP3
Going into Perfection Pt 2MP3

September 7-9th, 2006 "Increasing in Intimacy" Conference
09/07/06pmIt's Our ChoiceMP3
09/08/06amA Divine CompassMP3
09/09/06amForming Christ in YouMP3
09/09/06pmThe Glorified BodyMP3CD-Size