01-04-12Expansion through Grace
01-04-12Choose to Keep the Standard of FaithMP3PDF
01-04-12Lord, Your Grace is Sufficient to MeMP3PDF
01-08-12I Have Given You Dominion Over AllMP3PDF
01-08-12It’s No Longer a Play ChurchMP3PDF

02-12-12My Hope Never Runs OutMP3PDF
02-12-12I’m Trying to Get You Out of EgyptMP3PDF
02-22-12Breath This NameMP3PDF
02-22-12Places of SolitudeMP3PDF

03-04-12Rise up in DiligenceMP3PDF
03-04-12No More VictimsMP3PDF
03-11-12Upcoming HarvestMP3PDF
03-11-12I'll back you upMP3PDF
03-18-12There is a Conquering RealmMP3PDF
03-21-12Take Ownership Over All AtmosphereMP3PDF
03-25-12Close the Field on Your EnemyMP3PDF
03-25-12Practice Yielding Spirit Man to MeMP3PDF

05-02-12Recline upon meMP3PDF
05-06-12To Replace You at this Time would be of Quite a CostMP3PDF
05-09-12Isn’t It IronicMP3PDF
05-09-12Take Great Hope for the Best Days are aheadMP3PDF
05-09-12Go After Your Loved OnesMP3PDF
05-30-12While Your On This Journey Have A Good TimeMP3PDF

06-17-12Raise up with a great hopeMP3PDF
06-17-12A Sleeping Giant has AwakenedMP3PDF
06-27-12Great DividendsMP3PDF

07-01-12The harvest will soon comeMP3PDF
07-11-12Be ContagiousMP3PDF
07-15-12The Best WorshipMP3PDF
07-15-12Hear and Do My SayingsMP3PDF
07-15-12Atmosphere is what You Create in My PresenceMP3PDF
07-15-12Atmosphere Conducive / You Will Be ContagiousMP3PDF
07-18-12Endurance will Turn into Great JoyMP3PDF
07-22-12Holy of HoliesMP3PDF
07-22-12Pass Yourself into NewnessMP3PDF
07-22-12My Word AloneMP3PDF
07-25-12A Walk of No FearMP3PDF
07-29-12Elders in the Spirit, Male and Female, To Raise Up StrongMP3PDF
07-29-12Wait, Wait, Wait.MP3PDF
07-29-12It’s By My GraceMP3PDF

08-05-12Grass Roots of RevivalMP3PDF
08-12-12Find My Words of Words of Truth and RepentMP3PDF
08-15-12The Path of My LoveMP3PDF
08-15-12The Harvest That I’m GivingMP3PDF
08-19-12I Say to You I Cannot LieMP3PDF
08-26-12Press In, Press In, Press InMP3PDF
08-26-12My Spirit on the Inside of Your Spirit Bearing WitnessMP3PDF

09-09-12Learn a Walk of Waiting on MeMP3PDF
09-12-12Learn Presence and Learn to StayMP3PDF
09-25-12The Place is Traded off in PrayerMP3PDF
09-30-12That Marriage is closer than what You RealizeMP3PDF

10-03-12Change is Happening NowMP3PDF
10-14-12Change, Expansion of My GraceMP3PDF
10-21-12Your Father's Good PleasureMP3PDF
10-28-12Choose Me, Choose LifeMP3PDF
10-28-12Relaxation AnointingMP3PDF

12-09-12Revival is Among UsMP3PDF
12-09-12He Is So Well PleasedMP3PDF
12-09-12Release My Glory and Watch Me ComeMP3PDF
12-16-12Hardly Begun on the GoodnessMP3PDF
12-19-12In this War Depend upon MeMP3PDF
12-31-12My Intent is IntimacyMP3PDF