01-02-11You Are Named After My Name
01-09-11Believe Me and Trust Me with Your LifeMP3PDF
01-16-11A New and Different AtmosphereMP3PDF
01-19-11Tell Them More About MeMP3PDF
01-19-11Cultivate CommunionMP3PDF
01-19-11The Greatest Sound in This Hour Is SilenceMP3PDF
01-26-11Commune with Me and Turn to Me on Every IssueMP3PDF

02-02-11Grace SufficientMP3PDF
02-06-11Many WashingsMP3PDF
02-06-11Declare Your FreedomMP3PDF
02-06-11Work the Work of GraceMP3PDF
02-09-11I Am LimitlessMP3PDF
02-13-11The Heart of The FatherMP3PDF
02-13-11This Is My WayMP3PDF
02-23-11Just Beyond Your Strength, My Love AboundsMP3PDF
02-27-11A Continual Witness Is Rising UpMP3PDF
02-27-11Provide for Me an AvenueMP3PDF
02-27-11Receive My Word and LiveMP3PDF

03-06-11Fight Saith the SpiritMP3PDF
03-13-11Take Every Moment as A Time of TrainingMP3PDF
03-13-11Enjoy the TrainingMP3PDF
03-16-11I’m Using Your AuthorityMP3PDF
03-20-11Perfect Love Cast Out All FearMP3PDF
03-29-11Common FaithMP3PDF

04-03-11My Love UnimpededMP3PDF
04-06-11Anticipate the ChangeMP3PDF
04-17-11Great ExplosionMP3PDF
04-17-11I Am Your MannaMP3PDF
04-17-11I Am Your FatherMP3PDF
04-27-11Your Departure is at HandMP3PDF

05-01-11Gravitate to My HeartMP3PDF
05-08-11Giving Yourself to MeMP3PDF
05-08-11You Have Never Failed God (Mother’s Day)MP3PDF
05-22-11Express Yourself in MeMP3PDF
05-29-11Let Me Prove Myself to YouMP3PDF
05-29-11Your Strength is on My SpiritMP3PDF

06-05-11Lay down your BurdensMP3PDF
06-05-11I Will Teach YouMP3PDF
06-10-11I’m Intercepting You in Your PathMP3PDF
06-19-11I Desire Godly SeedMP3PDF
06-26-11Everyone is Beginning to Stretch OutMP3PDF

07-03-11I Desire Them MoreMP3PDF
07-06-11Put Your Trust in MeMP3PDF
07-10-11Many Overlook the MiraculousMP3PDF
07-17-11Do Not Accept Things as They AreMP3PDF
07-20-11You’re Already ApprovedMP3PDF
07-20-11Yield Yourself to MeMP3PDF
07-24-11Fix Your Attention on MeMP3PDF
07-27-11Remember FastingMP3PDF

08-07-11Yield Your Members to MeMP3PDF
08-07-11Kisses of My MouthMP3PDF
08-10-11Catch Pristine ViewMP3PDF
08-14-11The Gulf Course Community Church Has FailedMP3PDF
08-14-11We’re Supplying the BodyMP3PDF
08-21-11Truth is Greater Than FactsMP3PDF
08-28-11Created to Win Where Winning CountsMP3PDF
08-28-11You’re Spearing heading SomethingMP3PDF

09-04-11That Atmosphere Exists for YouMP3PDF
09-11-11I Have Two Groups in One FamilyMP3PDF
09-25-11In Their Final MomentsMP3PDF
09-30-11You’ll Perform My Signs and WondersPDF
09-30-11Don’t Be Afraid of MePDF

10-09-11For All Those Family MembersMP3PDF
10-09-11Know That It Will Come to PassMP3PDF
10-09-11A Path in This DestinyMP3PDF
10-12-11The Nativity of Revival is in this RoomMP3PDF
10-19-11Let Me Show You My LoveMP3PDF
10-19-11I Am Your FatherMP3PDF
10-23-11I’ll Prove Myself with Mighty SignMP3PDF
10-23-11Expect Me in EverythingMP3PDF
10-26-11I Am There to Hold YouMP3PDF
10-26-11Expect My JoyMP3PDF
10-30-11Shine as FirebrandsMP3PDF
10-30-11Look at MeMP3PDF

11-06-11As Your Father I seek FamilyMP3PDF

12-07-11A More New and Living WayMP3PDF
12-14-11Inside of Me is Your SafetyMP3PDF