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101-02-22It's You or Else, I Have No Plan BMP3VID
201-05-22Warring with the PropheciesMP3VID
301-09-22Testimonies of RevivalMP3VID
401-12-22The Power Promises are Made to Disciples OnlyMP3VID
501-16-22The Ultimate DiscipleMP3VID
601-23-22What Are You Letting SlipMP3VID
701-26-22Aggressive Faith 101 - FoundationalMP3VID
801-30-22Memories and MemorialsMP3VID
902-02-22Lions Den Evangelism (1)MP3VID
1002-06-22Spirit Time - The Integrity of Our CallMP3VID
11 02-09-22Warring with the PropheciesMP3VID
1202-13-22Holy Ghost ServiceMP3VID
1302-27-22Becoming Laser FocusedMP3VID-Pt 1
VID-Pt 2
1403-02-22Becoming Proactive in His PromisesMP3VID
1503-06-22Intimacy-Favor and Revelation KnowledgeMP3VID
1603-09-22Before You Even Begin Down The Road of PerfectionMP3VID
1703-13-22Lord, LordMP3VID
1803-16-22Changing RoomsMP3VID
1903-20-22The StandardMP3VID
2003-23-22Properly Discerning the WarMP3VID
2103-27-22Promotion to the Death SentenceMP3VID
2203-30-22Exalted Through HumilityMP3VID
2304-03-22The FamilyMP3VID
2404-06-22Revival NowMP3VID
2504-10-22According to the Power That's at Work in UsMP3VID
2604-17-22Easter ServiceMP3VID
2704-20-22Pursuing DesperationMP3VID
2805-01-22Full of the Holy GhostMP3VID
2905-04-22Prophetic ReadingsMP3VID
3005-08-22Lioness the RoarMP3VID
3105-15-22Prosperity in Three Realms - Part 1MP3VID
3205-18-22Doctrines of Demons are Confirming Our Coming RevivalMP3VID
3305-22-22Prosperity in Three Realms - Part 2MP3VID
3405-25-22The Stewards of Revival Must Grow Up and Stop Being NaiveMP3VID
3505-29-22Prosperity in Three Realms - Part 3MP3VID
3606-05-22Stewarding The RevivalMP3VID
3706-08-22The Grace that is SufficientMP3VID
3806-12-22Which Pill to SwallowMP3VID
3906-12-22Discipleship Training Manual Lesson 1 - What Just Happened to Me - Part 1MP3VID
4006-15-22The Place Called DoneMP3VID
4106-19-22Fathers that Change the NationMP3VID
4206-22-22Take Two Aspirin and Call Me in the MorningMP3VID
4306-26-22Molech Has Fallen But Not DeadMP3VID