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101-03-24Our Christian View of Israel and the JewsMP3VID
201-07-24My Blind Servants - Part 2MP3VID
3 01-10-24He is not our Servant... He is our LordMP3VID
4 01-14-24The Amusement Park, and the BattlefieldMP3VIDPDF
5 01-17-24Obey Only the Word of the Lord for Laser FocusMP3VID
601-21-24Stay in the MothershipMP3VID
7 01-24-24Longevity For RevivalMP3VID
8 01-28-24Waiting On GodMP3VID
901-31-24Waiting on Him PropheciesMP3VID
1002-04-24Revival and ReformationMP3VID
1102-07-24The Burden of PrayerMP3VID
1202-11-24The Creator and The RestoratorMP3VID
1302-25-24For Such a Time as ThisMP3VID
1403-03-24Rise Up SteadfastMP3VID
1503-06-20Straitened in Our CallMP3VID
1603-10-20The Greatest Lie Against Revival is InspirationMP3VID
1703-13-24Only a Remnant is NecessaryMP3VID
1803-17-24The Sound of Good ReportsMP3VID
1903-24-24The Final RevivalMP3VID
2003-24-24The Fight of Faith vs. The Fight of SinMP3VID
2103-27-24A Season of Confessing and Decreeing Part 1MP3VID
2203-31-24Four G Words That Spelled Our RedemptionMP3VID
2304-07-24A More Excellent WayMP3VID
2404-10-24Speak Out in Your AfflictionMP3VID
2504-14-24The Apostle and High Priest of My ProfessionMP3VID
2604-28-24The Two Eleven'sMP3VID
2705-01-24Jesus Our Joshua Warrior - Part 1MP3VID
2805-05-24Sealed for Eternity and Other Doctrines of DemonsMP3VID
2905-08-24Jesus Our Joshua Warrior - Part 2MP3VID
3005-12-24A Born Identity (1)MP3VID
3105-15-24Jesus Our Joshua Warrior Part 3 - The Swag of The ChurchMP3VID
3205-19-24The Ark was in Obededom's HouseMP3VID
3305-26-24Communion A Pledge to Christ, Fellow Christians and AmericaMP3VID
34 05-29-24Jesus Our Joshua Warrior Part 4 - Total AnnihilationMP3VID
35 06-02-24Prophetic Dreams, Visions, and PropheciesMP3VID
3606-09-24Reviewing PropheciesMP3VID
3706-12-24Advanced Love… The Room and The Vault DoorMP3VID
3806-16-24Preaching the Gospel to the HeavenliesMP3VID
3906-19-24Rebelling Against the RebellionMP3VID
4006-23-24Distinguishing God’s LoveMP3VID
4106-26-24Judgment… Mortification…And Finishing WellMP3VID
4206-30-24What's the DifferenceMP3VID
4307-03-24Declaration of IndependenceMP3VID
4407-07-24You Need All FourMP3VID
4507-10-24Living in the Perpetual of GodMP3VID
4607-14-24Total DependencyMP3VID