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101-05-20Training Joel’s Army 4 (We Have Crossed The Red Line)MP3VID
201-12-20 Training Joel’s Army 5 (Confession and Hope)MP3VID
301-19-20Training Joel’s Army 6 (Against all Contradiction)MP3VID
401-22-20Weapons of Our Warfare DefinedMP3VID
501-26-20Training Joel's Army 7 (Moving Out His Authority)MP3VID
601-29-20Complete the Purging ProcessMP3VID
702-02-20The State of the UnionMP3VID
8 02-05-20Ministering Angels Part 1MP3VID
9 02-09-20Know Your SignificanceMP3VID
10 02-23-20Training Joel's Army 8 (Fasting - Why it Works)MP3VID
11 02-26-20Ministering Angels Part 2 (Order in the Home)MP3VID
12 03-01-20Training Joel's Army 9 (Fasting - Practical Wisdom)MP3VID
13 03-08-20Training Joel's Army 10 (Fasting - Reflections on Fasting)MP3VID
14 03-11-20 Subsequent Instruction to our BlueprintMP3VID
15 03-15-20Training Joel’s Army 11 (The Power of Fasting)MP3VID
16 03-22-20Living in and Resting in His RealmMP3VID
17 03-25-20Matthew, Mark, Luke and John will returnMP3VID
18 03-29-20Move Out of My AuthorityMP3VID
1904-01-20The Works of the FatherMP3VID
2004-05-20Kings Killing GiantsMP3VID
2104-08-20Stay Focused on Our AuthorityMP3VID
2204-12-20Easter ServiceMP3VID
2304-19-20Where is the Lord God of ElijahMP3VID
2404-22-20Harvesters come Forth     PDFMP3VID
2504-26-20Finish it - Complete the DeliveryMP3VID
2604-29-20Harvesters Come Forth 2 (Four Biographies)MP3VID
2705-03-20No SurrogatesMP3VID
2805-06-20Harvesters Come Forth 3 (Portrait of Revival)MP3VID
2905-10-20Framing Your World Through an Eternal PerspectiveMP3VID
3005-13-20Harvesters Come Forth 4 (The Four Gospels)MP3VID
3105-17-20Complete the Purging ProcessMP3VID
3205-20-20Prophetic PrayersMP3VID
3305-24-20His Jealousy Over His PriestMP3VID
3405-27-20His Jealousy Over His Priest Part 2MP3VID
3505-31-20Remembering His WordsMP3VID
3606-03-20Love The WordMP3VID
3706-07-20The Violence of GodMP3VID
3806-10-20Love the Word Part 2MP3VID
3906-14-20Revival is NowMP3VID
4006-17-20No EntanglementsMP3VID
4106-21-20Plow in HopeMP3VID
4206-28-20Becoming a Living MartyrMP3VID
4307-01-20Praying the Mysteries for RevivalMP3VID
4407-05-20The Foundation For RevivalMP3VID
4507-08-20 Immediate ObedienceMP3VID
4607-12-20Priest in the LandMP3VID
4707-15-20We Have An AdvantageMP3VID
4807-19-20The Brazen SerpentMP3VID
4907-22-20Know Your Wealth in the SpiritMP3VID
5007-26-20Revival and the End of the WorldMP3VID
5108-02-20Understanding GraceMP3VID