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1903-18-18The Joy of Stewardship 8 (Warfare)MP3
1803-14-18 Lost Identity 2MP3VID
1703-11-18The Joy of Stewardship 7 (Work and Investing the Miracle of God)MP3VID
1603-04-18The Joy of Stewardship 6 (Principles of Wisdom)MP3VID
1502-28-18Lost IdentityMP3VID
1402-25-18The Joy of Stewardship Lesson 5 (The Silos of Egypt)MP3VID
1302-14-1813 Reasons Why I Pray in Tongues
Holy Spirit Filled.pdf
1202-11-18The Joy of Stewardship Lesson 4 (Review)MP3VID
11b02-04-18The Joy of Stewardship Part 2 of Lesson 3 (Moth and Rust Accounts)MP3
11a02-04-18The Joy of Stewardship Lesson 3 (Moth and Rust Accounts)MP3VID
1001-28-18The Joy of Stewardship Lesson 2 (Faithfulness)MP3
901-28-18The Joy of Stewardship Lesson 2 (Faithfulness)MP3VID
801-24-18Fasting; Salted with Fire and Salt Part 2MP3VID
701-24-18Fasting; Salted with Fire and SaltMP3VID
601-21-18The Joy of Stewardship Lesson 1 (Introduction)MP3VID
501-21-18Pro Life March for LifeMP3VID
401-14-18The Stripes that Heal Lesson 5 (Confidence)MP3VID
301-10-18Fasting and the Knowledge of the FleshMP3VID
201-07-18The Stripes that Heal Lesson 4 (Running Crippled)MP3VID
101-03-18The Last Day Church and FastingMP3VID