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1002-10-19 Beyond Born Again Lesson 1 (Introduction)MP3VID
902-06-19Warriors of Intimacy Lesson 2MP3VID
8b02-03-19Warriors of Intimacy Pt 2MP3
8a02-03-19Warriors of Intimacy Pt 1MP3VID
6b01-27-19The True Army Pt 2MP3
6a01-27-19The True Army Pt 1MP3VID
501-23-19Waiting on God Pt 2 (This is not a Business)MP3VID
401-20-19Girding up the Loins of Your MindMP3VID
301-16-19Waiting on GodMP3VID
201-13-19Fasting 101MP3VID
101-06-19Rescuing the Church 3 (Saving Some)MP3VID