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101-03-21For Such A Time As ThisMP3VID
201-06-21The Four Pillars of Philippians 3:10MP3VID
301-13-21The Sentence of DeathMP3VID
401-17-21Are You Becoming a DemasMP3VID
501-24-21Understanding the HourMP3VID
601-27-21Facts, Reality and TruthMP3VID
701-31-21The Misuse, Misinterpretation or
Misappropriation of Christ Authority
802-03-21That I May Know HimMP3VID
902-07-21There were Two Trees in the GardenMP3VID
1002-10-21Insurgencies Meant to Stop RevivalMP3VID
1102-14-21Revival is NowMP3VID
1202-17-21Growing Up Lesson 1 (Enduring Hardships)MP3VID
1302-21-21Warring with the PropheciesMP3VID
1402-24-21Growing Up Lesson 2 (Fruit above Arguments)MP3VID
1502-28-21It's Past Time to Wake UpMP3VID