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101-02-23Moses My Servant Is DeadMP3VID
201-04-23Transforming Angels of LightMP3VID
301-08-23The Vision of the HouseMP3VID
401-15-23Getting Ready to Rule in RevivalMP3VID
501-18-23Judgement Begins at the House of GodMP3VID
601-22-23The Bleating of SheepMP3VID
701-25-23Moses My Servant Is Dead Part 2MP3VID
801-29-23Birds In Our BranchesMP3VID
902-01-23End Time Revival PropheciesMP3VID
1102-08-23We Must Needs Go Through SamariaMP3VID
1202-12-23Maturing Spiritual Fruit for the Fruit of the EarthMP3VID
1302-15-23Obedience Without Intimacy is Just LegalismMP3VID
1402-26-23Our Starry NightMP3VID
1503-01-23The Proton of RevivalMP3VID
1603-05-23The Key of DavidMP3VID
1703-08-23Testimonies of RevivalMP3VID
1803-12-237 Things That Revival Will Never ReplaceMP3VID
1903-15-23Spiritual Climate ChangesMP3VID
2003-19-23Exchanging Delegates Part 1MP3VID
2103-26-23Our Influence In The EarthMP3VID
2204-02-23Lion of Judah RoarMP3VID
2304-09-23Resurrection Above Ground and the Resurrection Below GroundMP3VID
2404-12-23Court MeMP3VID
2504-16-23Revival DemonsMP3VID
2604-19-23God is Picking a Fight with the Devil and You are it!MP3VID
2704-30-23Our Kinsman RedeemerMP3VID
2805-03-23Closing the GapMP3VID
2905-07-23Our Weapons are not CarnalMP3VID
3005-10-23The Later LatterMP3VID
3105-14-23Mothers Wearing Combat BootsMP3VID
3205-17-23The Final WarMP3VID
3305-21-23The Brook Besor... Which Side Are You OnMP3VID
3405-24-23We Will Not Accept God's OfferMP3VID
3505-28-23The Fight Is Now Or NeverMP3VID
3605-31-23When You Go Through The FireMP3VID