101-08-12Before the Foundation of the WorldMP3
  201-15-12Before the Foundation of the World IIMP3
  301-18-12Strange WarfareMP3
  401-22-12Tongues the Priority GiftMP3
  501-25-12Before the Foundation of the World IIIMP3
  601-25-12No Earthly EvidenceMP3
  802-08-12Good Works did not create usMP3
  902-12-12How do you like me now!MP3
 1002-15-12Grace makes us less than the leastMP3
 1102-19-12Its Alright to be Home TeamMP3
 1202-22-12It's what you know and doMP3
 1302-26-12Prophecy to the HouseMP3
 1402-29-12A Perfect Storm is ComingMP3
 1503-04-12What Happens NextMP3
 1603-07-12Ephesians 4MP3
 1703-11-12The Work Behind the SceneMP3
 1803-14-12Ephesians 4 Part 2MP3
 1903-18-12Dealing with OffencesMP3
 2003-21-12Ephesians 5MP3
 2103-25-12Close the Field on Your EnemyMP3
 2203-28-12Ephesians 6MP3
 2304-01-12Judgment Defined By LoveMP3
 2404-04-12Ephesians 6 Part 2MP3
 2504-08-12Jesus in HellMP3
 2604-11-12That's Called HabitationMP3
 2704-15-12Water BaptismMP3
 2804-18-12Colossians IMP3
 2904-29-12Looking Unto JesusMP3
 3005-02-12Think it Not StrangeMP3
 3105-06-12Bitter Sweet WellsMP3
 3205-09-12We are Just Like HimMP3
 3305-20-12Not Falling Below Manure Pile StatusMP3
 3405-23-12Grace RedefinedMP3
 3505-27-12Intercessors Make a DifferenceMP3
 3605-30-12Intercessors Make a Difference Part 2MP3
 3706-03-12Garden of Gethsemane DecisionsMP3
 3806-06-12Intercessors + Mortification = RevivalMP3
 3906-10-12Do You Have A Prayer ClosetMP3
 4006-13-12Act's RelivedMP3
 4106-17-12Testimonies From the SaintsMP3
 4206-27-12The Way of EscapeMP3
 4307-01-12Peace Identifies Gods VoiceMP3
 4407-08-12Inside, Inside, Inside, Inside of the PrisonMP3
 4507-11-12Consider the LilliesMP3
 4607-15-12From Atmosphere to SalvationMP3
 4707-18-12For Righteousness SakeMP3
 4807-22-12No Condemning SentenceMP3
 4907-25-12Stewarding the PoundMP3
 5007-29-12Accuser of the BrethrenMP3
 5108-01-12Training Them to Be ChampionsMP3
 5208-05-12Ministry of the EldersMP3
 5308-08-12Casting All Your CareMP3
 5408-12-12Love is Not a FormulaMP3
 5508-15-12Loves DNAMP3
 5608-19-12Say Not in Your HeartMP3
 5708-22-12Tracking the Love of GodMP3
 5808-26-12It's Through the spiritMP3
 5908-29-12Living out of the TreasureMP3
 6009-02-12Are you doing all you know to do!MP3
 6109-05-12Making Sense of PredestinationMP3
 6209-09-12No Breaking PointMP3
 6309-12-12Inside of His LoveMP3
 6409-23-12End Time EventsMP3
 6509-25-12Last Days Prayer and ProphecyMP3
 6609-30-12Bayonet Fighting IIMP3
 6710-03-12Fight OnMP3
 6810-14-12Bayonet Fighting IIIMP3
 6910-17-12The Sovereignty of GodMP3
 7010-21-12Bayonet Fighting IVMP3
 7110-24-12Prophetic PrayersMP3
 7210-28-12Bayonet Fighting VMP3
 7311-04-12Foot Washing and CommunionMP3
 7411-07-12Jerimiah Concerning Our GovernmentMP3
 7511-19-12Conference TestimoniesMP3
 7611-21-12Give ThanksMP3
 7711-25-12The Pastor, The Church and The ManMP3
 7811-28-12Casting Pearls Before SwineMP3
 7912-02-12The Perfected ConscienceMP3
 8012-05-12Poison in the PotMP3
 8112-09-12It's Not Over YetMP3
 8212-12-12Carry Neither Purse, Script or ShoesMP3
 8312-16-12Where Did Jesus Get His Body FromMP3
 8412-19-12The Holy Ghost and a Healthy Life StyleMP3