101-02-11Bidden To ComeMP3
  201-05-11Elastic ManMP3
  301-09-11The X-FactorMP3
  401-12-11Abound in This Grace AlsoMP3
  501-16-11Just Do ItMP3
  601-19-11Mobile HabitationMP3
  701-23-11This Same GraceMP3
  801-26-11We Have A DestinyMP3
  902-09-11The Greatest JoyMP3
 1002-13-11Changing Current ConditionsMP3
 1102-16-11Only By His GraceMP3
 1202-20-11All Things Are YoursMP3
 1302-27-11Power of the TongueMP3
 1403-02-11Distinguish Spirit From FleshMP3
 1503-06-11Bayonet FightingMP3
 1603-16-11Now Sons and DaughtersMP3
 1703-23-11Beat Your Enemy SoreMP3
 1804-03-11There Is A CauseMP3
 1904-10-11Change Is ComingMP3
 2004-13-11Wisdom To Win In LifeMP3
 2104-17-11Removing SplintersMP3
 2204-20-11Troubled On Every SideMP3
 2304-24-11What Happened After The CrossMP3
 2404-27-11Turning Stones Into BreadMP3
 2505-01-11Seeing God In High DefinitionMP3
 2605-04-11Turning Stones into Bread 2MP3
 2705-08-11Unity Brings RevivalMP3
 2805-11-11Loves DefinitionMP3
 2905-22-11The Express ImageMP3
 3005-25-11Creation GroanethMP3
 3105-29-11Tongues-The Indestructible ToolMP3
 3306-05-11Yielding Brings ChangeMP3
 3406-08-11House Upon a RockMP3 
 3506-10-11Living in the MomentMP3
 3606-11-11Jesus is the FoundationMP3
 3706-12-11Grace DefinedMP3
 3806-15-11Remember ConfessionMP3
 3906-19-11End Time DevilsMP3
 4006-22-11Warring With PropheciesMP3
 4106-26-11Protecting Strongholds IMP3
 4207-03-11Protecting Strongholds IIMP3
 4307-06-11Dogs and SorserersMP3
 4407-10-11Protecting Strongholds IIIMP3
 4507-17-11Protecting Strongholds IVMP3
 4607-20-11Changing Character Through ConfessionMP3
 4707-24-11Protecting Strongholds VMP3
 4807-27-11Remember FastingMP3
 4908-03-11Whom My Soul LovethMP3
 5008-07-11Joint EdificationMP3
 5108-10-11The Next Level is AttainableMP3
 5208-14-11Picking on ReligionMP3
 5308-17-11Spots in Your FeastsMP3
 5408-21-11Watchman on the WallMP3
 5508-24-11The SecretMP3
 5608-28-11No FearMP3
 5708-31-11The Sentence of DeathMP3
 5809-04-11Remember those which have rule over youMP3
 5909-07-11Open Reward For Secret GivingMP3
 6009-11-11The VisionMP3
 6109-14-11Joel's Army IMP3
 6209-21-11Joel's Army IIMP3
 6410-09-11The Lost Letters of PaulMP3
 6510-12-11The Eight Oprations Of GodMP3
 6610-16-11Joel's Army IIIMP3
 6710-23-11I Paul's Boasting Stops The Mouth Of BadMP3
 6810-26-11Tongues Assists Us In WorshipMP3
 6910-30-11Prophetic ServiceMP3
 7011-02-11Peace is Your CompassMP3
 7111-06-11Sound Doctrine and RevivalMP3
 7211-09-11II Paul's Boasting Stops the Mouth of BadMP3
 7311-20-11Intercepted By His LoveMP3
 7411-27-11Laboring in His VinyardMP3
 7511-30-11Christ' The True VineMP3
 7612-04-11The Church; Fat on Word Lean on WorksMP3
 7712-07-11The Holy Spirit is Bent Towards MiraclesMP3
 7812-11-11We Have an Advocate With the FatherMP3
 7912-14-11The Holy Spirit Wants to Pray For YouMP3
 8012-18-11The Real Christmas StoryMP3
 8112-21-11Gods Instinct is to BlessMP3
 8212-28-11Ephesians 3-20 The I Phone RevelationMP3
 8312-31-11Looking into the New YearMP3