101-10-07Why We FastMP3
  201-12-07He's Already Been ThereMP3
  301-24-07Seeing Through His EyesMP3
  401-31-07Purification is Worth the CostMP3
  502-0707Winning with WorshipMP3
  603-11-07Bond ServantsMP3
  703-14-07The Choice is OursMP3
  803-18-07Prisoners of Love by ChoiceMP3
  903-25-07All For the JoyMP3
 1004-01-07Author of SalvationMP3
 1104-08-07He Became Sin for UsMP3
 1204-11-07Witness of RevivalMP3
 1304-15-07Life in ChristMP3
 1404-18-07A Different PriesthoodMP3
 1504-29-07Established in PeaceMP3
 1605-02-07Principle of PeaceMP3
 1705-06-07He's Made A WayMP3
 1805-09-07A Threat Against RevivalMP3
 1905-16-07Count it All JoyMP3
 2005-20-07Safe in HimMP3
 2105-30-07Great GraceMP3
 2206-03-07Revival Is Being BirthedMP3
 2306-06-07The Flesh Profiteth NothingMP3
 2506-17-07Overcoming TribulationsMP3
 2606-20-07All things Are PossibleMP3
 2707-01-07Except the Lord BuildMP3
 2807-08-07Judging OurselvesMP3
 2907-25-07Threefold CordsMP3
 3008-05-07It's Worth ItMP3
 3108-08-07Revival - A Noble CauseMP3
 3208-12-07He's the ConstantMP3
 3308-19-07On The FoundationMP3CD-Size
 3408-22-07Building a Capacity for TruthMP3
 3508-26-07Jesus Our ExchangeMP3
 3609-02-07The Lord is My RockMP3
 3709-09-07Words of LifeMP3
 3809-12-07Threefold Cords IIMP3
 3909-19-07Threefold Cords IIIMP3
 4009-23-07How Big is Your WorldMP3
 4109-26-07Threefold Cords IVMP3
 4209-30-07Creating a PassionMP3
 4310-03-07Threefold Cords VMP3
 4410-17-07Getting Past the FleshMP3
 4510-28-07Be ExamplesMP3
 4611-25-07Choosing HimMP3
 4711-28-07Come and SeeMP3
 4812-02-07Follow MeMP3
 4912-05-07A Place of AtmosphereMP3
 5012-09-07Redeem the TimeMP3
 5112-12-07A Greater Realm ExistsMP3
 5212-16-07Born Again FreeMP3
 5312-30-07Change Takes ChangeMP3