101-09-13Doing the Works of ChristMP3
  201-13-13Offensive WarfareMP3
  301-16-13Doing the Works of Christ IIMP3
  401-20-13Loves Definition in Worship IMP3
  501-20-13Loves Definition IIMP3
  601-23-13Elders Healing TestimoniesMP3
  802-03-13Deception IIMP3
  902-06-13Deception III - Fleeing Youthful LustsMP3
  1002-10-13Ye ask Amiss Part IMP3
  1102-10-13Ye ask Amiss Part IIMP3
  1202-13-13Deception IV Apologetics of TruthMP3
  1302-17-13Prophetic Ministry for RevivalMP3
  1402-20-13Deception V Add to Your Shopping KartMP3
  1503-03-13End Time EventsMP3
  1603-06-13Prophetic SongsMP3
  1703-10-13How to Get Through Trials QuickerMP3
  1803-13-13Following My WaysMP3
  1903-17-13Prophetic Song of the Lord to the ChurchMP3
  2003-20-13Understanding Love Beyond Our AskingMP3
  2103-24-13Divine Order in the Church and HomeMP3
  2203-27-13Private Worship in Spirit and in TruthMP3
  2303-31-13Dancing JesusMP3
  2404-03-13Private Worship in Spirit and in Truth IIMP3
  2504-10-13Perfecting the Love of GodMP3
  2604-14-13Preparation is EverythingMP3
  2704-28-13What is Corban!MP3
  2805-12-13Mothers Day AdorationsMP3
  2906-30-13You've always been FreeMP3
  3007-28-13The Anointing Breaks the YokeMP3
  3108-11-13Love Brings AccountabilityMP3
  3208-18-13True Authority VS. EmotionsMP3
  3308-28-13Grace Ministered and ProphecyMP3
  3409-01-13The Three when'sMP3
  3509-04-13Dig DeepMP3
  3609-11-13The Root of all EvilMP3
  3709-15-13No Ceiling without a FoundationMP3
  3809-18-13(Miracle Testimony) Exhortations on Private WorshipMP3
  3909-29-13Judgment Through CommunionMP3
  4010-13-13Exhortations from Tulsa ConferenceMP3
  4110-20-13Trickery of the LiarMP3
  4210-27-13Joshua WarfareMP3
  4311-03-13Destiny and PrincipalitiesMP3
  4411-20-13Instructions for RevivalMP3
  4511-24-13Landmarks for the FamilyMP3
  4612-01-13True Circumcision WarfareMP3
  4712-04-13Accessing Our InheritanceMP3
  4812-08-13Why the Church is not in Revival Yet IMP3
  4912-11-13Accessing Our Inheriitance Part 2MP3
  5012-15-13Why the Church is not in Revival Yet IIMP3
  5112-18-13Perfect Sounding ExcusesMP3
12-22-13Mary's BabyMP3
  5312-29-13We Will Have Our OutpouringMP3