101-04-15Submit to God / Resist the EnemyMP3
  201-11-15Which is Easier to Say?MP3 
  301-14-15Sow The WordMP3 
  401-25-15Looking Unto JesusMP3 
  501-28-15Chastening Brings PeaceMP3 
  602-08-15Identity TheftMP3 
  702-15-15Standards in the Church / CommunionMP3 
  802-18-15Exaltation in the VineyardMP3 
  903-01-15We are One BodyMP3 
 1003-08-15Helping Our InfirmitiesMP3 
 1103-11-15Sin Free ConscienceMP3
 1203-15-15Suffering in the FleshMP3
 1303-29-15Lost Letters of PaulMP3
 1404-05-15Nobody Ever Loved You Like JesusMP3
 1504-12-15Doctrine of the NicolaitanesMP3
 1604-19-15For this Cause IMP3
 1704-19-15For this Cause IIMP3
 1804-29-15Don't Faint PrayMP3
 1905-03-15Inoculation against Truth IMP3
 2005-10-15Mothers Day ExhortationMP3
 2105-17-15Inoculation against Truth IIMP3
 2205-24-15Inoculation against Truth IIIMP3
 2305-31-15Inoculation against Truth IVMP3
 2405-31-15The Country Club ChurchMP3
 2506-03-15Dear God What Have We Been Praying ForMP3
 2606-07-15Graduation Part IMP3
 2706-07-15Graduation Part IIMP3
 2806-10-15Dear God what have We been Praying for Part IIMP3
 2906-14-15If the Foundation be Destroyed Part IMP3
 3006-21-15Honor Thy Father and MotherMP3
 3107-05-15If The Foundation Be Destroyed Part IIMP3
 3207-08-15Grace DefinedMP3
 3307-12-15If The Foundation Be Destroyed Part IIIMP3
 3407-15-15Who Likes YouMP3
 3507-19-15Testimonies from Young Adults Part IMP3
 3607-19-15Testimonies from Young Adults Part IIMP3
 3707-26-15Silly Women - Jannes and JambresMP3
 3807-29-15Preparing the Church for the Last DaysMP3
 3908-02-15Is Your Flesh Creating DoctrineMP3
 4008-12-15The Good, Love and Faithfulness of GodMP3
 4108-14-15Rehearsing Our Testimonies Part IMP3
 4208-14-15Rehearsing Our Testimonies Part IIMP3
 4308-16-15Celebrating 18 YearsMP3
 4408-19-15Ladies Night OutMP3
 4508-21-15Our Posture in PrayerMP3
 4608-23-15Romancing the RedeemerMP3
 4708-26-15Romancing the Redeemer Part IIMP3
 4809-02-15A Time to Every Purpose Part IMP3
 4909-02-15A Time to Every Purpose Part IIMP3
 5009-06-15Family Matters Part IMP3
 5109-06-15Family Matters Part IIMP3
 5209-09-15A Time to Every Purpose Part IIIMP3
 5309-13-15 Distinctions Part IMP3
 5409-13-15 Distinctions Part IIMP3
 5509-16-15Offering Exhortation - PrayerMP3
 5609-20-15Are You Ready For This Part IMP3
 5709-20-15Are You Ready For This Part IIMP3
 5809-24-15Keep Your Shoes OnMP3
 5910-14-15Don't Get In Daddy's WayMP3
 6010-18-15Blessings From An ElderMP3
 6110-18-15Water Baptism Part IMP3
 6209-21-15Jezebel Part I - AMP3
 6310-21-15Jezebel Part I - BMP3
 6410-25-15Water Baptism Part IIMP3
 6510-28-15Jezebel Part IIMP3
 6611-01-15Water Baptism Part IIIMP3
 6711-04-15Jezebel Part IIIMP3
 6911-01-15Jezebel Part IVMP3
 7011-15-15Paradox Part II AMP3
 7111-15-15Paradox Part II BMP3
 7211-18-15Jezebel Part VMP3
 7311-22-15An Offering ExhortationMP3
 7411-22-15Present-day Speaking and ThanksgivingMP3
 7511-29-15Are You Standing on the Wall Part IMP3
 7612-02-15Jezebel Part VIMP3
 7712-06-15Are You Standing on the Wall Part IIMP3
 7812-09-15 Jezebel Part VIIMP3
 7912-27-15 Preparing for 2016MP3
 8012-30-15Preparing for 2016 Part IIMP3
 8112-31-15Preparing for 2016 Part IIIMP3