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  101-11-12Become as a Little ChildMP3
  302-12-12Just say JesusMP3
  402-26-12Read the BibleMP3
  503-18-12Go and Sin No MoreMP3
  603-25-12Emotion vs. IntegrityMP3
  704-15-12Christian Conduct 101MP3
  804-22-12Jesus Wrote on the GroundMP3
  904-25-12We Can't Afford UnforgivenessMP3
 1004-29-12Get Past OurselvesMP3
 1105-06-12Have Faith in GodMP3
 1206-17-12Truth and LoveMP3
 1306-20-12Living Out of the UnctionMP3
 1406-24-12Walk in Truth and LoveMP3
 1507-01-12Fight for Time with JesusMP3
 1607-15-12Jesus Drop Down BoxMP3
 1707-22-12Love InstructionMP3
 1807-29-12Live from WithinMP3
 1908-12-12Love ExtendedMP3
 2008-15-12Greatness in God's KingdomMP3
 2109-16-12No Victims in God's KingdomMP3
 2209-30-12The Real GospelMP3
 2310-07-12The lifter up of mine headMP3
 2410-10-12The spirit of powerMP3
 2510-21-12Lord all I want is YouMP3
 2610-28-12God in SeasonsMP3
 2711-04-12Deny YourselfMP3
 2811-19-12Love Has ComeMP3
 2911-25-12Doing His SayingsMP3
 3012-02-12Never Hold a GrudgeMP3
 3112-30-12Loving GodMP3