• Miracles of Jesus in Gospels     PDF
  • The War Hardened Soldier     PDF
  • Scriptures for Prosperity     PDF
  • Spirit thoughts – are a collection of encouragements uttered during times of
    intercessory prayer. Their purpose is to exhort and open understanding as to
    what praying in other tongues is accomplishing as we continue to be patient
    and endure in prayer.   Spirit Thoughts for Edification:   PDF
  • Assisting Someone in Receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit     PDF
  • Calling in the Lost     PDF  ~  MP3
  • Scriptures For Healing & Health     PDF
  • Confessions For Children     PDF
  • In Him Scriptures     PDF
  • Forgiveness     PDF
  • “Mirror” Confessions     PDF
  • In Him Confessions     PDF
  • Face To Face     PDF
  • The Parable Of A Mustard Seed     PDF
  • Scriptures for Mental & Emotional Health     PDF