101-05-14Preparing for 2014MP3
  201-08-14Continuing in Worship and FastingMP3 
  301-12-14Pastor's Testimony of the Funeral HarvestMP3 
  401-12-14Dwelling in the House of GodMP3 
  501-15-14The Beauty of Judging OurselvesMP3 
  601-19-14Preparing for 2014 Part IIMP3 
  701-19-14Preparing for 2014 Part II Cont.MP3 
  801-22-14Psychological Warfare IMP3 
  901-29-14Psychological Warfare IIMP3 
 1002-02-14The More You Die The More You LiveMP3 
 1102-05-14Spiritual Warfare the Final StageMP3 
 1202-09-14The Fast Track Out of TrialsMP3 
 1302-12-14Spiritual Warfare (Where Did They Go)MP3 
 1402-16-14Get Past The DoorMP3 
 1502-19-14Spiritual Warfare (Where Did They Go Part II)MP3 
 1603-02-14War a Good WarfareMP3 
 1703-05-14Spiritual Warfare (Resisting unto Death)MP3 
 1803-09-14Exhortation in WorshipMP3 
 1903-09-14The Three Fold Cord and CommunionMP3 
 2003-12-14The Sentence of DeathMP3 
 2103-19-14No Contingency PlanMP3 
 2203-23-14No Contingency Plan IIMP3 
 2303-23-14No Contingency Plan IIIMP3 
 2403-30-14Worship Prophecy and MinistryMP3 
 2504-02-14Our Personal IntercessionMP3 
 2604-06-14The Law of Weak StrongMP3 
 2704-09-14Another GoselMP3 
 2804-13-14Cast Your CaresMP3 
 2904-16-14Exercising His Dominion in Your MindMP3
 3004-20-14Escape from Spiritual AlcatrazMP3
 3104-23-14Peace in the BoatMP3
 3205-07-14The Kingdom of God PreludeMP3
 3305-11-14Bonder of the HomeMP3
 3405-14-14Renovation of the MindMP3
 3505-25-14His Thoughts from ScriptureMP3
 3605-28-14In the Life Grip of ChristMP3
 3706-01-14What is Your Platform for Approaching HimMP3
 3806-04-14Fabric Charged with PowerMP3
 3906-08-14You're not in the FleshMP3
 4006-11-14No Quitting SenseMP3
 4106-15-14Follow and You will be FollowedMP3
 4206-18-14The heart of an IntercessorMP3
 4306-22-14Apply to those Healing StripesMP3
 4406-25-14The Cost of ExaltationMP3
 4506-29-14The Greatest EvangelismMP3
 4607-02-14The Throne of GraceMP3
 4707-06-14How We Think Affects Our FaithMP3
 4807-09-14This Pearl is Worth Dying ForMP3
 4907-13-14Don't Revert to MilkMP3
 5007-20-14Who's in ChargeMP3
 5107-23-14Peace, Our GPS SystemMP3
 5207-30-14The Lord is that SpiritMP3
 5308-03-14Patience the Force of ConsistencyMP3
 5408-24-14Judgment for IntercessionMP3
 5508-27-14Persecuting Towards The MarkMP3
 5608-31-14Keeping The New CommandmentMP3
 5709-07-14Taking InventoryMP3
 5809-10-14Your Father Won't Leave You AloneMP3
 5909-14-14What are True Sufferings?MP3
 6009-21-14Commit The Message to Faithful MenMP3
 6109-14-14Images of RevivalMP3
 6209-28-14Prophecies and ExortationMP3
 6310-01-14The Power of the TongueMP3
 6410-19-14Praying the MysteriesMP3
 6510-22-14Follow Those Who Inherit the promisesMP3
 6610-26-14Release and ForgiveMP3
 6710-29-14Be a Doer of Who You AreMP3
 6811-02-14Accuser of the BrethrenMP3
 6911-09-14The Weaponry of LoveMP3
 7011-12-14The Weapon of PeaceMP3
 7111-16-14More of Christ and Less of MeMP3
 7211-19-14To Tell The TruthMP3
 7311-23-14Drunk in the SpiritMP3
 7411-30-14Baby DedicationMP3
 7512-03-14Just Worship HimMP3
 7612-07-14Don't Stop Keep GoingMP3
 7712-14-14Basic InstinctMP3
 7812-28-14Now is the Time to Move inMP3