101-07-09He That Humbles HimselfMP3
  201-11-09Producing Greatness in the KingdomMP3
  301-14-09Sow to the SpiritMP3
  401-18-09Walking in the LightMP3
  501-21-09Weapons of Our WarfareMP3
  601-25-09Understanding the TimesMP3
  701-28-09Wielding the SwordMP3
  802-01-09Understanding the Times IIMP3
  902-04-09A Season for IntercessorsMP3
 1002-08-09A Season for Intercessors IIMP3
 1102-11-09Things Hoped ForMP3
 1202-15-09A Season for Intercessors IIIMP3
 1302-18-09Trusted with True RichesMP3
 1402-22-09A Season for Intercessors IVMP3
 1502-25-09Things Hoped For IIMP3
 1603-01-09Things Hoped For IIIMP3
 1703-04-09Stilling the AvengerMP3
 1803-08-09We Are Under GraceMP3
 1903-15-09Fitly JoinedMP3
 2003-22-09Evangelism of UnrighteousnessMP3
 2103-25-09We Have This TreasureMP3
 2204-01-09We Have This Treasure IIMP3
 2304-05-09Seated TogetherMP3
 2404-12-09Is There Another Way?MP3
 2504-19-09The Source of RevelationMP3
 2604-22-09Salt is GoodMP3
 2704-26-09And These SignsMP3
 2805-03-09Add to Your FaithMP3
 2905-06-09Walking CarefreeMP3
 3005-10-09The Strength of GraceMP3
 3105-13-09Understanding the FightMP3
 3205-17-09Understanding the Fight IIMP3
 3305-20-09Failure to Pay TollMP3
 3405-24-09Faith 101MP3
 3505-27-09Creating Your Own FutureMP3
 3605-31-09God ProvidesMP3
 3706-03-09Planted by the RiversMP3
 3806-10-09Back to the FutureMP3
 3906-14-09Transforming PowerMP3
 4006-17-09Hope to the EndMP3
 4106-21-09By Reason of UseMP3
 4206-28-09Oh For That LookMP3
 4307-01-09Awake Thou That SleepestMP3
 4407-05-09Allegiance Unto DeathMP3
 4607-26-09Not Left ComfortlessMP3
 4708-02-09Let This MindMP3
 4808-05-09Facing the GiantsMP3
 4908-12-09Importance of DoctrineMP3
 5008-16-09Our HelperMP3
 5108-23-09Do As I Have DoneMP3
 5208-26-09His Word Our ShieldMP3
 5308-30-09Clothed With HumilityMP3
 5409-06-09Solomon Serving in RevivalMP3
 5509-09-09Speaking the TruthMP3
 5609-20-09Preserving Our WineskinMP3
 5809-27-09Nickle and Dime the FleshMP3
 5909-30-09Sons-Soldiers-Servants IIMP3
 6010-14-09Sons-Soldiers-Servants IIIMP3
 6110-18-09Toys and TrinketsMP3
 6210-21-09Sons-Soldiers-Servants IVMP3
 6310-25-09Empowered to Live RighteousMP3
 6410-28-09Grace and TruthMP3
 6511-01-09Living Above SinMP3
 6611-04-09Grace and Truth IIMP3
 6711-15-09Discerning CommunionMP3
 6811-25-09Stewarding VictoryMP3
 6911-29-09Speak To ItMP3
 7012-02-09We're Waking UpMP3
 7112-09-09Exhrt-Grace for ChangeMP3
 7212-13-09Intro-Land of Lost PrayersMP3
 7312-16-09Sword of the SpiritMP3
 7412-27-09Looking Unto HimMP3
 7512-31-09Love Letter From GodMP3