01-05-14I Love to ComeMP3PDF
01-08-14A Portal of Glory for Me to ComeMP3PDF
01-15-14Power that I Left the ChurchMP3PDF
01-26-14I will Reform This ChurchMP3PDF

02-02-14What A Love Afair>MP3PDF
02-05-14Fight the Fight of FaithMP3PDF
02-09-14Go into HopelessnessMP3PDF
02-09-14Soaking Times and SaturationsMP3PDF
02-16-14You can Believe and You can ReceiveMP3PDF
02-23-14Preparing for RevivalMP3PDF

03-02-14You are My Hope in the EarthMP3PDF
03-12-14Waves of My Glory will Hit this HouseMP3PDF
03-23-14Beautiful Fruit will ComeMP3PDF
03-26-14Think it not StrangeMP3PDF
03-30-14Simplicity of the Gospel is a TrustMP3PDF
03-30-14I’m the God of all BreakthroughMP3PDF

04-06-14Your High Praises Bind Every KingMP3PDF
04-06-14Finding a Place Set ApartMP3PDF
04-13-14For it is My Anointing that Breaks the YokeMP3PDF
04-13-14Worship will also bring you together for FellowshipMP3PDF
04-13-14I am mostly after your loved onesMP3PDF
04-16-14So Grab a Hold, Take Hold and Follow MeMP3PDF
04-30-14My Son is All You Need to Stand Up and Get UpMP3PDF

05-04-14Yield Yourself Willing VesselsMP3PDF
05-18-14All has been Set before YouMP3PDF
05-25-14A Point of ObedienceMP3PDF
05-25-14Buy the Time and Sell it NotMP3PDF
05-25-14Recline in My LoveMP3PDF

06-04-14Continue to Speak LifeMP3PDF
06-11-14I’ll get down in the Foundation with YouMP3PDF
06-22-14It’s on this Rock that I will Build My ChurchMP3PDF

08-27-14 I Carried That Place for YouMP3PDF
08-31-14Allow Me to Purge YouMP3PDF

09-10-14How Much I Love ThemMP3PDF
09-14-14Call Upon MeMP3PDF
09-14-14You Belong To MeMP3PDF
09-21-14You’re More Than ConquerorsMP3PDF
09-28-14Tell Them to Cross the FieldMP3PDF

10-26-14Fear Not for the Things that are Coming on the EarthMP3PDF

11-23-14I Want You to Come to Offer ThanksgivingMP3PDF
11-23-14Just Enter in and Worship MeMP3PDF

12-12-14They Had Many QuestionsMP3PDF
12-14-14I Love the Worship You Give MeMP3PDF