Living Inside of Divine Destiny
02-12-17Living Inside of Divine Destiny 1 (Caleb the Giant Killer)MP3VID
02-26-17Living inside of Divine Destiny 2 (The Benefits)MP3VID
03-05-17Living Inside of Divine Destiny 3 (What made Caleb Different)MP3VID
03-19-17Living Inside of Divine Destiny 4 (A Different Time Zone) MP3VID
03-26-17Living Inside of Divine Destiny 5 (Cleansing of the Temple)MP3VID
04-02-17Living Inside of Divine Destiny 6 (The Zeal of Thine House) MP3VID
04-09-17Living Inside of Divine Destiny 7 (The Beginning of the End)MP3VID

Onward Christian Soldiers
04-30-17Onward Christian Soldiers IntroductionMP3VID
05-10-17Onward Christian Soldier Part 1MP3VID
05-17-17Onward Christian Soldier Part 2MP3VID
06-07-17Onward Christian Soldier Part 3 (Binding and Loosing)MP3VID
06-14-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 4 (The Weapons of our Warfare) IMP3VID
06-14-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 4 (The Weapons of our Warfare) IIMP3VID
06-21-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 5 (Citadels Protecting Strongholds)MP3VID
06-28-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 6 (The Gospel of Peace)MP3VID
07-05-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 7 (Perfect Peace)MP3VID
07-19-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 8 (The Sword of the Spirit - The Offensive Weapon)MP3VID
07-26-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 9 (The Two Edged Sword)MP3VID
08-02-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 10 (Present Day Speaking)MP3VID
08-09-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 11 (A Narrow Way)MP3VID
08-16-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 12 (They shall not Break Ranks)MP3VID
08-23-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 13 (The Victory before the Battle)MP3VID
08-30-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 14 (An Invincible Army)MP3VID
09-06-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 15 (An Invincible Army 2)MP3VID
09-27-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 16 (A Costly Gospel)MP3VID
10-11-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 17 (Civilian Mentality)MP3VID
10-18-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 18 (Lone Wolf Sheep) Part 1MP3VID
10-22-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 18 (Lone Wolf Sheep) Part 2aMP3VID
10-22-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 19 (Lone Wolf Sheep) Part 2bMP3
10-25-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 20 (Hand Join in Hand)MP3VID
11-01-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 21 (Orders from Headquarters)MP3VID
11-08-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 22 (Training to a Higher Level)MP3VID
11-15-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 23 (Training for an Elite Force)MP3VID
11-29-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 24 (Training for an Elite Force) Part 2 MP3VID
12-06-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 25 (Why It Works)MP3VID
12-13-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 26 (The Answers)MP3VID
12-20-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 27 (This Kind and Mustard Seed Faith) Part 1MP3VID
12-27-17Onward Christian Soldiers Part 27 (This Kind and Mustard Seed Faith) Part 2MP3VID

Economics 101
08-07-17Economics 101-1 (Budgeting is the Foundation)MP3VID
08-14-17Economics 101-2 (Developing Friends)MP3
08-21-17Economics 101-3 (The Pac Man Principle)MP3VID
08-28-17Economics 101-4 (Final Thoughts)MP3VID

Kings and Priest
06-25-17Kings and Priest Lesson 1 (The Word of the King) 1MP3VID
06-25-17Kings and Priest Lesson 1 (The Word of the King) 2MP3
07-02-17Kings and Priest Lesson 2 (The Last Word)MP3
07-09-17Kings and Priest Lesson 3 (Kings Teaching Angels)MP3VID
07-23-17Kings and Priest Lesson 4 (Before The Door)MP3VID
07-30-17Kings and Priest Lesson 5 (A Royal Priesthood)MP3VID
08-06-17Kings and Priest Lesson 6 (Administering the Quickening Spirit)MP3VID
08-13-17Kings and Priest Lesson 7 (Healing the Sick)MP3VID
08-20-17Kings and Priest Lesson 8 (Road Tested)MP3VID
08-27-17Kings and Priests Lesson 9 (Administering Kings)MP3VID
09-03-17Kings and Priests Lesson 10 (No Fame among the Famous)MP3VID

The Stripes that Heal
11-19-17The Stripes that Heal Lesson 1 (Introduction)MP3VID
11-26-17The Stripes that Heal Lesson 2 (The Weight that Hinders)MP3VID
12-03-17The Stripes that Heal Lesson 3 (The Scourging)MP3VID
01-07-18The Stripes that Heal Lesson 4 (Running Crippled)MP3VID
01-14-18The Stripes that Heal Lesson 5 (Confidence)MP3VID