101-17-16I'm Living Life Out of My SpiritMP3
201-27-16His Raiment was GlisteningMP3
302-14-16Plow Plow PlowMP3
403-20-16Do Not Forsake RighteousnessMP3
504-17-16Soldiering Through BattlesMP3
604-24-16 As I Love The King I will Love You - Part 1MP3
704-24-16 As I Love The King I will Love You - Part 2MP3
804-27-16Abiding and Living Out of the LightMP3
905-15-16No Man Hath Seen GodMP3
1006-05-16Eloquence of Speech Part 1MP3
1106-05-16Eloquence of Speech Part 2MP3
1206-08-16Living above Your MasterMP3VID
1307-03-16We want to See Your GloryMP3VID
1407-31-16Judge Your PsalmMP3VID
1509-11-16That Which We Have Heard and SeenMP3VID
1610-02-16The Power of the RebirthMP3VID
1710-02-16 Living Out of Our NativityMP3VID
1810-05-16The Freedom of the RebirthMP3VID
1910-16-16Made Free ImmediatelyMP3VID
2011-06-16Look into the Law of LoveMP3VID