1 01-06-13Renewing the MindMP3
  201-20-13Experience Our Living GodMP3
  301-27-13Obey the Inner WitnessMP3
  402-27-13Obey and Honor Your ParentsMP3
  503-03-13Jesus said Follow MeMP3
  603-10-13I Will Give You RestMP3
  703-17-13Jesus is the Perfect PrototypeMP3
  803-24-13Jesus is the Perfect Prototype IIMP3
  904-07-13He is Indeed Our Perfect PrototypeMP3
 1004-14-13It's All Through CompassionMP3
 1104-21-13Keep the Salt SaltyMP3
 1204-24-13Deny Ourselves DailyMP3
 1304-28-13Jesus ConductMP3
 1406-09-13Righteousness lives in usMP3
 1507-07-13God is Not Mad at youMP3
 1607-14-13Not Son's of Darkness; Son's of LightMP3
 1707-28-13Put on LoveMP3
 1808-04-13Put Off and Put OnMP3
 1908-18-13The Disposition I'm Looking ForMP3
 2008-25-13Live Life By Truth Not EmotionMP3
 2109-15-13Be Intimate with JesusMP3
 2209-22-13Leaving a Legacy of LoveMP3
 2310-06-13The Man on the Mountain Part IMP3
 2410-06-13The Man on the Mountain Part IIMP3
 2510-13-13The Man on the Mountain Part IIIMP3
 2610-20-13The Man on the Mountain Part IVMP3
 2710-27-13Jesus wants to TussleMP3
 2811-03-13My God Early will I Seek TheeMP3
 2911-24-13Experience God on a Personal LevelMP3
 3012-01-13Delight in JesusMP3
 3112-01-13Habitation CelebrationMP3
 3212-29-13As for God, His Way is PerfectMP3