101-05-14Dwelling in the House of GodMP3
  201-19-14I am InvincibleMP3
  303-16-14Praising Him AlwaysMP3
  403-16-14Regarding My Brothers and My SistersMP3
  504-27-14My Lips Shall Praise YouMP3
  604-27-14Love not the WorldMP3
  708-10-14The Gospel is all about PeopleMP3
  808-13-14Love One Another Part IMP3
  908-17-14Love One Another Part IIMP3
 1008-08-14Will you Lay Down Your Life for HimMP3
 1108-20-14Embrace ChangeMP3
 1209-03-14Endure as a Good SoldierMP3
 1309-17-14A Man of Many PerilsMP3
 1410-15-14Spare Your WordsMP3
 1511-05-14Live and Love from WithinMP3
 1612-10-14My Life is Not My OwnMP3