101-07-15Keep Yourselves in the Love of GodMP3
  201-11-15Sonship Volume IMP3
  301-18-15Sonship Volume IIMP3
  401-25-15Exhortation - Remaining in This PlaceMP3
  502-11-15Sonship Volume IIIMP3
  602-15-15Sonship Volume IVMP3
  703-01-15Sonship Volume VMP3
  803-04-15Sonship Volume VIMP3
  903-15-15Sonship Volume VIIMP3
 1003-25-15 Fruit of the Foot WashingMP3
 1104-26-15Live to Honor the King of KingsMP3
 1205-27-15Abide in the LightMP3
 1306-24-15We Can Love Them Like Jesus DidMP3
 1406-27-15Homecoming 2015 Part IMP3
 1506-27-15Homecoming 2015 Part IIMP3
 1606-28-15 Make a Difference in this WorldMP3
 1707-01-15We can Trust Him at His WordMP3
 1807-26-15Living Out of The LightMP3
 1908-05-15Lay the Wood to the FleshMP3
 2008-23-15Disowning YourselfMP3
 2109-16-15Are You a Good TreeMP3
 2209-20-15Love So LovedMP3
 2309-30-15The Voice of the ConscienceMP3
 2410-07-15Never Leave Our PostMP3
 2510-18-15We Must Know Who We AreMP3
 2611-22-15Let's March On Soldier'sMP3
 2712-13-15Our Sin was Laid on InnocenceMP3
 2812-16-15The Flesh is not a Respecter of SeasonsMP3