Gary Carpenter

105-18-14The Fourth Dimension I (Prelude) (Part 1)MP3
205-18-14The Fourth Dimension I (Line Land to 3D) (Part 2)MP3
305-18-14The Fourth Dimension II (3D to Kingdom Living)MP3
405-19-14The Fourth Dimension III (Earth Head)MP3
505-20-14The Fourth Dimension IV (Things that are Impossible with Man are Posssible with God)MP3
605-21-14The Fourth Dimension V (The Realm of the Spirit)MP3
705-22-14The Fourth Dimension VI (We have a Supernatural Father)MP3
805-22-14The Fourth Dimension VI (Ministry)MP3

Michael O'Brien

101-24-14Healed By FaithMP3
201-26-14Hell Is For RealMP3
301-26-14Walk By FaithMP3

Marty Plamondon

104-30-14Life was a Runaway TrainMP3
210-05-14Presence IMP3
310-08-14Presence IIMP3

Jim Martin

102-21-14Preparing for RevivalMP3
202-23-14What is God's Word to You Part IMP3
302-23-14What is God's Word to You Part IIMP3
402-23-14Revival's Blueprint Part IMP3
502-23-14Revival's Blueprint Part IIMP3
602-24-14Revival's Sure Foundation Part IMP3
702-24-14Revival's Sure Foundation Part IIMP3
802-25-14Revival is Warfare Part IMP3
902-25-14Revival is Warfare Part IIMP3
1002-26-14The Seasons of RevivalMP3

Gay Plamondon

108-20-14Embrace ChangeMP3