Gary Carpenter

105/13/12The Express Image of GodMP3
205/13/12Authority in His NameMP3
305/14/12Looking Unto JesusMP3
405/15/12The Great I Am Has Said Who I amMP3
505/16/12God Your TutorMP3
605/17/12He's Calling Us to MaturityMP3

Marty Plamondon

110/05/12Family Faith from Generation to GenerationMP3

Gay Plamondon

101/27/12Confessions for RevivalMP3
209/14/11Meditate MillenniumMP3

Dave Roberson

111/11/12How I Got HereMP3
211/11/12Love Goes After the Lost IMP3
311/11/12Love Goes After the Lost II MinistryMP3
411/12/12What's Next IMP3
511/12/12What's Next II MinistryMP3
611/13/12His Love Covers All IMP3
711/13/12His Love Covers All II MinistryMP3
811/14/12A Merry Heart IMP3
911/14/12A Merry Heart II MinistryMP3
1011/15/12God's Love and Money I MinistryMP3
1111/15/12God's Love and Money II MinistryMP3
1211/16/12The Transference of Revelation Knowledge IMP3
1311/16/12The Transference of Revelation Knowledge II MinistryMP3