Marty Plamondon

109-08-13Grace to Go ForwardMP3
110-09-13Testimony of Going Forward Part IMP3
110-09-13Testimony of Going Forward Part IIMP3

Rex Johnson

105-29-13Redeeming the TimeMP3
211-03-13What Manner of Man am I!MP3

Jim Martin

102-24-13Gods Unchanging Standard IMP3
202-24-13Gods Unchanging Standard IIMP3
302-25-13Gods Unchanging Standard IIIMP3
402-26-13Gods Unchanging Standard IVMP3
502-27-13Gods Unchanging Standard VMP3

Mike Muccio

107-07-13I am Crucified with ChristMP3
212-29-13Tongues Produce the Love of GodMP3

Dave Roberson

111-10-13Drop your loved one off with JesusMP3
211-10-13Miracle ServiceMP3
311-11-13Notable Miracles Part 1MP3
411-11-13Notable Miracles Part 2MP3
511-12-13Love and Miracles Part 1MP3
611-12-13Love and Miracles Part 2MP3
711-13-13Ministry of Miracles Part 1MP3
811-13-13Ministry of Miracles Part 2MP3
911-14-13Presence and Miracles Part 1MP3
1011-14-13Presence and Miracles Part 2MP3
1111-15-13You are Eternal Part 1MP3
1211-15-13You are Eternal Part 2MP3
1311-15-13You are Eternal Part 3MP3

Gary Carpenter

105-19-13Be Instant in SeasonMP3
205-19-13Red Shoe DancingMP3
305-20-13Hard TruthsMP3
405-21-13The Giving HeartMP3
505-22-13The Glory of SonshipMP3
605-22-13The Glory of Sonship Part 2MP3
705-23-13You and the Holy GhostMP3
805-19-13Sue Shares Her HeartMP3